The History Of Copyright | Blood, Money, Religion, And Art

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Current News

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[by Holly Roa]

Photographers are taught to cling to their copyrights with both hands and with good reason – nefarious (or ignorant) people abound who would love for you to sign it away and take control of your work and any profit derived. But, this is 2017, and we are familiar with copyright law as it has existed in our lifetime. Have you considered where it all began and how it got to where it is now?

Filmmaker IQ has created a mini-documentary of sorts that runs through the ins and outs of copyrights’ long and winding road to the present form. The tale is more riveting than one might expect. Religion, politics, censorship, and power were all significant players in the conception and development of copyright across centuries.

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