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Getting The Most Out Of Data Collected By Your Sensor & What To Do With It

By June 11, 2018Current News

Screenshot of article about raw data posted at SLR LoungeCross-posted from SLR Lounge
[by Justin Heyes]

When someone mentions the Title Collector what usually comes to mind? For me, is the character played by Benicio del Toro in some of the latest Marvel movies. To some, it is those who collect trinkets like bottle caps or vinyl POP figurines, but Blake Rudis of f64 Academy considers himself as a photographer and a collector of data. His focus of data here, is focused on the image sensor in modern cameras.

Of little fault of their own, most camera owners don’t really know just how critical a sensor is to modern photography. It’s much more than just something that gathers light and develops a picture. The sensor in a camera is truly the brain and heart of the who unit, and calculations done by the sensor drive the rest of the feature-set, control the speed of operation, and therefore even the hardware design to some degree.

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