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Frames Per Second: Tips for Better Video Storytelling

By December 4, 2017December 29th, 2017Current News, Member Spotlight

Image © Bob Sacha

Editor’s note: Bob Sacha is an ASMP Professional Member who recently served as a judge for the Best of ASMP 2017 Photo Contest.

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[by Sharon Ber]

In addition to directing, editing and writing for video, former National Geographic photographer Bob Sacha also teaches video to photographers who want to meet the demand of clients for motion content. “People say, ‘How do you shoot great video?’ That’s easy. The question is how do you tell a great video story.” Moving from still photography to video requires the photographer to shift from thinking about getting the one great shot to getting multiple shots that a video editor can later piece together into a narrative arc.

One goal, he says, is to provide enough variety of shots at sufficient duration and from different angles so the editor has plenty of shots to choose from. Another goal is to create a narrative and enough visual interest to hold viewers’ attention…

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