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Five Industry Experts Share What They Look For In An Online Portfolio

By December 20, 2017Current News

Screenshot of article about online portfolios posted on SLR LoungeCross-posted from SLR Lounge
[by Brittany Smith]

Social influence has climbed the ranks of importance and tops both technical and business skills when it comes to defining the parameters of success. Providing access to raw and candid insight that goes into the process is in as much demand as the final product, if not more so. People want to know the ‘how’ every bit as much as they want to know the ‘why’.

The career of a photographer can be launched seemingly overnight simply by someone of status taking notice of an image that has pleased the algorithms with a number of ‘likes’, courtesy of a vast social following. This poses a question begging to be asked: Is a curated website showcasing an online portfolio even relevant in a world of immediacy where instant gratification is accessible by our very finger tips?

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