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Ever Wanted to Start a Photography Youtube Channel?

By October 8, 2019 Current News

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[by Scott Choucino]

If you have ever wanted to start a YouTube channel, here is my experience of setting up a new channel and giving it a real go for 30 days.

YouTube is something that I have wanted to have a play with for many years. I spend more time on YouTube than any other platform. In the 2000s, I learned photography from the site, as there was a wealth of useful information on there. Sadly, it is now pretty diluted with a million and one hacks offering poor advice that is now taken as gospel, but I still think with enough digging and a good research background that you can find almost any photography information out there on YouTube. I have had a YouTube account for ages, but I didn’t ever really upload anything bar a few BTS time-lapses with original file names and no tags. So, I quickly found some useful videos on how to build and grow a channel, and I got cracking.

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