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Dealing With Fear as a Photographer

By April 7, 2020 Current News

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[by Zac Henderson]

Fear is a dangerous thing. We all have to find ways to deal with it and maybe even use it to our advantage. Unfortunately, I let fear make decisions early in my career, and I’m still feeling the effects. If you struggle with putting your work out in the open, maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

It can be easy for people in a creative field to associate their self worth with their work. Vulnerability is a daily reality. If you identify as a photographer, it can be intimidating to make your work available to be judged, accepted, or rejected; your skills and by proxy, your identity, are measured. This is what I dealt with during and shortly after graduating from college.

In this video, I talk about how I deal with fear now versus earlier in my career and how fear can be used to propel you forward.

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