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Should You Create a Video Portfolio of Your Photography?

By July 17, 2017Current News

screenshot of photography portfolio video article at FstoppersHave you been thinking about creating a photography portfolio video? Elliot McGucken offers some advice along with great examples from renowned photographers — including ASMP Member Joe McNally and ASMP Legends Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ansel Adams.

After Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine, and thus having a video-portfolio of one’s photography can be a great addition in so far as getting one’s work seen. Any time we get to offer our work in a different format, it allows us to both see and showcase different angles which otherwise may remain hidden or less apparent. Give a client the option to watch your video or scroll through your portfolio, and they might well take you up on the video, which, in being rarer, can also be more memorable. Rodney Lough Jr., the renown large-format landscape photographer, author, and owner of several galleries, uses videos to showcase his fine art photography…

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