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Check Out This Photographer’s Response to Being Asked for Free Prints—By Multi-Millionaires

By October 9, 2019 Current News

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[by Alice Houstons]

Tim Wallace is a national treasure. A real American hero of high-end photography. So when he was asked to provide a high-resolution free print images to a high-profile client FOR FREE. His response was a hard and definite NO.

Recently, Tim received an email from a ‘high-end interior designer’ based out of California. This interior designer had a ‘high-end’ client—a real big wig—who had just remodeled their $12m coastal retreat property (that means their second home), and was looking for a nice print to feature in their new front hallway.

Unfortunately, this client just didn’t have the budget for hallway artwork. But that’s ok, Tim could just send the high-resolution image to the interior designer and they’d print it out, with no extra cost to Tim! How considerate…

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