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Charging What You’re Worth: Lessons From a Vacuum Cleaner

By July 9, 2018Current News

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[by Mark Lambert]

Years ago, I owned a vacuum cleaner. To be clear, I didn’t buy it. Nor do I have any recollection of someone giving it to me. One day I looked in my closet and simply discovered it nonchalantly resting against a wall. It seemed rude to question its right to be there.

It was a cheerful powder blue and, for reasons I never discovered, it had a faded ABBA sticker stuck across it at a jaunty angle. I dragged it with me through more apartment moves than I care to remember, and somehow it changed from being an annoying thing I accidentally owned to a prized possession.

I loved that thing. What it lacked in suck it made up for in personality and sheer durability.

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