ASMP Announces Officers for 2017-18 National Board of Directors

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Current News, Election Central, Strictly Business Blog

ASMP is pleased to announce that Buffalo-based photographer, Luke Copping, will serve as Board Chair for 2017-18. Serving as Vice Chair will be Marianne Lee of Marianne Lee Photography in Tiverton, RI;  as Treasurer, David Zentz of David Zentz Photography in Venice, CA; and as Secretary, Barry Schwartz of Barry Schwartz Photography in Los Angeles.

Directors continuing in 2017-18 will be Michael Hart of Michael Hart Photography in Houston, TX; Stretch Ledford at University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign; Frank Rocco of Frank Rocco Photography in New York; and John Welsh of John Welsh Photography in Jenkintown, PA.

Newly-seated directors for the upcoming year include Bob Carey of Boiling Springs, NC;  Felicia Perretti of Perretti Photography in Philadelphia, PA; Clayton Price of Clayton Price Photographer in Brooklyn, NY; and Michael Shay of Polara Studio in Portland, OR.

Jenna Close, San-Diego based owner of P2 Photography, will continue for one year as Ex Officio.