Are We Having Fun With Photography?

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Chapter Highlights, Current News, Member Spotlight

Editor’s Note: This article was written by ASMP Connecticut Chapter Member Douglas Turney.

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[by Douglas Turney]

When was the last time you can remember having fun with your photography? Not the joy of landing a photography job or the excitement of nailing that one photo, but rather childlike fun while shooting.

For many, photography is a job that pays the mortgage, puts food on the table, and keeps the lights on. While these photographers enjoy their work as an attorney or engineer may like the work they do, these photographers do it because they can make a living doing it and it’s something that is enjoyable to them. There is nothing wrong with that in the least bit. However, for many, photography is a side business or merely a hobby that they enjoy pursuing in their spare time.

Recently while reading the numerous articles here at Fstoppers, I began to notice how many of the articles were focused on gaining followers or clients, the best gear, you need to do this to improve your images, and so on. Of course, these articles are terrifically written by my fellow Fstoppers writers, and I enjoy reading and learning from them myself. My issue is not with these articles. No, it is more with the photography community that seems to be driven either by a focus on business or being the best.

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