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Are Photographers Even Artists?

By October 21, 2019 Current News

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[by Nils Heininger]

Have you ever heard the argument that photography isn’t art, because everyone can do it? That’s bull. All forms of photography need artistic thinking to some extent.

It seems like an unspoken agreement that photographers don’t like to talk about it: Everyone can create decent images on a modern smartphone. The technical act of taking a properly exposed picture is no rocket science anymore. In fact, it gets easier and easier, day by day. In the past, learning photography always meant to also learn a craft. Today this craft becomes less important.

I assume that people who rest on knowing the craft of photography will soon die out. You’re not special anymore if you simply know how to handle a camera. The iPhone, Huawei, and Samsung enthusiasts will soon overtake you and you’re out. Of course, you will be able to create better images when you know the craft. Yet, it is just one necessary condition. More important is the aspect of art.

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