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Another Instagrammer Jailed for Scaling the Pyramids

By January 22, 2020 Current News
Photo of Pyramids

Photo by David McEachan from Pexels.

Cross-posted from Light Stalking
[by Kehl Bayern]

The desire on the part of some social media users for celebrity is a thirst that will likely never be quenched – unless people stop rewarding them for their bad behavior.

In that spirit, we’re not going to tell you the specific creator behind this story but we will tell you the story nonetheless and you can follow our reference link below and do more research if you care to do that.

Like many stories in this vein that we cover, narcissism and stupidity combined to land one Instagram/YouTube personality in jail in Egypt. Posting that it was an experience unlike any he had ever been through before, the Instagram star then said he was doing all of this to bring attention to a worthy cause.

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