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Alice Rose George, a ‘Photographer’s Dream Editor,’ Dies at 76

Cross-posted from The New York Times. [By Clay Risen] 

“Her unerring eye for visuals made her a fixture in New York’s magazine world, where she promoted scores of famous and unsung photographers.”

“Witty and urbane with a love for whiskey and a wisp of a Southern accent, Ms. George, known to her friends as Pi, cultivated relationships with scores of photographers and collectors, gallerists and magazine editors, helping to knit together a community just as the very nature of photography was undergoing rapid change, including new directions in photojournalism and the efflorescence of art photography.

Beginning with her first job, as an assistant photo editor at Time magazine in the late 1960s, Ms. George took advantage of the demise of the old order of photo-driven magazines like Life and Look to promote a more personal, engaged style of photojournalism, an analog to the emerging vogue around the highly personal, deeply immersive New Journalism of the day.”

Alice Rose George, a ‘Photographer’s Dream Editor,’ Dies at 76

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