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Act Now Before Your Flickr Account Is Transferred

By May 14, 2018Current News

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[by Paul Adshead]

Flickr has been acquired by SmugMug, and the official date for the switchover is looming. Here is why now might be the time to back up everything, reach out to all your followers, and maybe think about deleting your account forever.

This has nothing to do with SmugMug itself, but more to do with the uncertainty that comes when any company is bought by another. It’s very unlikely that the terms and conditions, privacy policies, security measures, and planned trajectory will match up identically with the original company you first signed up with. In the case of SmugMug, I’m sure once they take over, those policies will be better than any of the more recent owners that Flickr has had. I do, however, think that in light of recent data scandals from the likes of Facebook, we all have become a little more cautious about the amount of data we give away to these big companies as we’ve also grown more skeptical about the true intentions of any business move.

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