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A Response to: Six Reasons It’s Time for Brands to Replace Stock Photos With User-Generated Content

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Recently I came across a blog post that essentially blamed professional photographers for creating boring stock photos, and that boring stock photos are the key reason that companies should be using User-Generated Content. To sum up: stock photos are bad/boring, therefore companies and marketers are forced to look elsewhere. Deep into the article, we get this gem:

“People whose work is used don’t merely provide high-quality content for free; after being invited to take part in a campaign, they tend to also often become its biggest cheerleader.”

The author’s conclusion (according to me): giant wealthy companies and mega marketing firms want free photography and unpaid spokespersons. You can find the link to the original below. In the meantime, I’ve dissected a few key sentences.

“Let’s face it, stock photography is boring.”

Advertisers and their clients have made it that way. Their drive to pay less and less, and to apply the Walmart philosophy of value drove photographers away from creating high quality/high-value imagery. Why create really good work if it’s only worth a $1 to a Fortune Five Hundred company?

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