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9 Photographers Share Their Best Memories of the Eddie Adams Workshop

By October 10, 2017 Current News

Screenshot of article on Eddie Adams Worskshop alumni from The Washington POstWashington Post writer Olivier Laurent asked nine Eddie Adams Workshop alumni to share the one lesson they learned while attending the workshop.

Eddie Adams is best known for his 1968 Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of Vietnamese Gen. Nguyen Ngọc Loan, the chief of the national police, executing a Vietcong prisoner. But for close to 3,000 photographers, emerging and established, young and older, his influence has been felt on the fields on a little farm in Upstate New York, just minutes from Jeffersonville.

It’s there that Adams founded, 30 years ago, the Eddie Adams Workshop (also known as the Barnstorm) where 100 young photographers with five years or less of professional experience would come for a few days to meet, discuss and work with some of the most respected photographers in the industry.

Read the rest of the article on In Sight, The Washington Post photography blog.

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