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8 Warning Signs You’re About to Take on a Problematic Photography Client

By August 7, 2017Current News

Screenshot of client warning signs article posted at Light StalkingFederico Alegria says that knowing when to say no is extremely important for a healthy and sustainable photography business. Learn how to spot – and avoid – the perfectionists, the smartasses and the whiners.

If you’re willing to make photography your main source of income (or at least an important source of your overall income) you’ll need to sell your work to a diverse clientele. Some clients are great, even though they are serious when establishing their expectations. But others can be very tricky, and you need to take care of them before it becomes a problem. We have talked about the importance of a portfolio and how to price your photography work with an easy-to-apply formula. Now we’re going to talk about certain client behaviors – ones that you should beware of, and might even be healthy for you to reject.

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