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5 Steps for Success in eCommerce Photography

By February 21, 2020 Current News

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[by JT Blenker]

Product photographers are some of the highest earning professionals in the photography field, and they command their prices with the value they bring to other businesses while creating imagery that engages consumers to purchase those business’ products. If you want a piece of that e-commerce photography pie but are still sweating on where to start, then it’s time to get a crash course that will possible jumpstart your beginnings into this profitable space.

Karl Taylor has created a fantastic breakdown on the discipline of e-commerce photography and how to keep your work quick, concise, and repeatable for your future product photography clientele. Shooting on white has been a staple for advertising photography from the age of the mail order catalog all the way to today with Amazon, and the basic gist has always been, “How many products can I photograph in the shortest amount of time.”

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