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4 Simple Ways To Get Your Work Noticed on Social Media

By July 10, 2017Current News

Screenshot of social media article on Light StalkingPhotographer Jason D. Little says that being a good photographer isn’t a guarantee you’ll become “Instagram famous.” He offers four solid tips to help get your best work out there and grow your likes and followers.

I think it’s safe to say that virtually everyone who posts a photo to social media wants their photo to be noticed. But not just noticed — they want it to be liked and appreciated. Indeed, the one who posts the photo wants to be noticed, liked and appreciated. The problem is, this has become increasingly challenging in an age when social media is largely comprised of attention seekers. It’s not that a desire to bring attention to your work is a bad thing, but given the circumstances (the basic nature of social media isn’t going to change anytime soon), you have to understand that it is an uphill battle. Fortunately, the challenge is in no way insurmountable.

Keep reading for a few practical ideas that will help you stay relevant while attempting to navigate the relentless social media landscape.

Read the rest at Light Stalking.

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