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360-Degree Camera Ball Wants to Charge You for Every Snap You Take Now

By August 8, 2019 Current News

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[by Kehl Bayern]

Truth be told, the 360-degree camera concept that Panono touted when it first came to Indiegogo years ago was really, really cool.

But, like so many dreams, it has quickly devolved into a bit of a nightmare for backers who never got it and owners who did and now find themselves getting nickel and dimed for each capture. As Gizmodo reports, the original firm behind the company closed up shop and got sold to Swiss private equity firm Bryanston Group AG.

The new fees are supposed to cover the costs of processing the images on the serves run by the company which makes the Panono’s images so dynamic. Initially selling for $USD 600 before disappearing from the market, Gizmodo reports that about 400 units were sold at this price.

Now the Panono costs $USD 2,400 and you have to pay to get your snaps processed.

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