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16th-Century Tube Passengers

By November 3, 2017Current News

Screenshot of article on Matt Crabtree series posted on LensCultureUK-based photographer Matt Crabtree was a finalist in the 2017 LensCulture Street Photography Awards for his series “16th-Century Tube Passengers.” View these unique photos and the concept behind them on LensCulture.

One morning in 2016, I was sitting amongst a million or so other commuters on my mundane tube journey into central London, when I looked up to see a lady dressed in a velvet hood, seated in a classical, timeless pose. She was in a beautifully serene world of her own, far away from the noise of it all. Immediately, a 16th-century Flemish painting came to mind.

I looked around and suddenly found I couldn’t see anything else but people held in their own Renaissance-like, personal moments; beautiful Caravaggio or Vermeer-like images of regular and everyday people that at a glance could easily be mistaken for portraits grand enough to grace the walls of any fine, stately home.

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