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10 Iconic Photographers Who Immortalized the City Streets

By October 11, 2018Current News

Image: Eugene Atget

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[by Alina Cohen]

Editor’s Note: Street photography is having a resurgence, but it never really went anywhere, and goes back to the origins of the art.   The variations are endless, including fine art, photojournalism, and something in between.  Here’s an article about ten of the best, from the online magazine, Artsy.

Street photographers remind us that history isn’t just composed of monumental events, celebrities, and politicians, but of people like us. They capture candid shots of individuals partaking in relatable, mundane activities: walking, talking, and gathering. Across race, class, and age, the myriad subjects of street photography offer a comprehensive study of what it’s like to live at a particular moment in time. Fashions and infrastructures change, but at the core of these photographers’ oeuvres is human emotion and ritual. The photographers listed below have documented people—for posterity—at their best, worst, and everywhere in between.

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