10 Business Email Phrases to Stop (& Start) Using With Clients

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Current News, Strictly Business Blog


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[by Karla Cook]

Think your email skills are strong? Think again. As it turns out, we all overestimate our ability to communicate effectively over email.

In a study published in the Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, email writers thought readers would correctly identify the tone of their emails about 78% of the time. In reality? Only 56% of emails were interpreted accurately.

That means when you send an email off to a customer, there’s a pretty good chance they won’t fully grasp your intended meaning.

So how can you proofread your emails to avoid problematic misunderstandings with your customers? Start by cutting the fat.

The following commonly used phrases are unnecessary, cliché, and easy to misinterpret. Eliminate them from your email repertoire to take your customer communication skills to the next level.

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