Creative Teams

What are Creative Teams?

Navigating best practices as a business owner is a massive challenge. Working through these challenges with other professional photographers can ease the burden on the individual and raise the entire group to greater success and professionalism. Creative teams were created to allow our members to support one other through the challenge of being a photography business owner. Because our member base is so diverse across the state of Connecticut, the Creative Teams are broken into geographic territories.

The Details

Meetings are monthly, and each attendee has between 5-10 minutes to be in the spotlight. The spotlight is your turn to ask the group for advice or support in many facets of running a business, including:

  • Constructive critique
  • Pricing and negotiating
  • Marketing
  • Best business practices
  • Creative feedback
  • Vendor suggestions (accounting, retouching, printing, products, assistant, web presence, branding)
  • Portfolio review

 If you would like to join a creative team, please email Based on your location, we will connect you with your geographic creative team chair.