NFTs, what are they and why is everyone talking about them? If you guessed Non-fungible token that is a part of the Ethereum Blockchain – then you guessed right! ASMP CT is excited to assemble a panel of NFT pros and newbies to help us understand at a beginner’s level, why we should keep an…

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Learn About Our Sponsors – Yodelist

We’re excited to share our interview with Kayla Kayla Riveros, Customer Support Specialist at Yodelist. Yodelist is a long-time friend of ASMP, and for the last three years has been a proud sponsor of our Connecticut Chapter’s Photo Annual — thanks to Yodelist we are able to send our Photo Annual to the photo editors…

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© Bob Handelman

Meet Your Fellow Member – Bob Handelman

We’re kicking off our Member Spotlight series, and this month we were thrilled to speak with long-time member and past board member Bob Handelman. First off, tell us about yourself: how long have you been in business, where do you live, and what type of photography do you do? I’m a lifestyle and environmental portrait…

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