ASMP CT Presidents Letter

from Adam Coppola

ASMP CT Members,

I’m writing to inform you that I am confidently passing on the baton of ASMP CT Chapter
President to Julie Bidwell. I am so thankful for Julie’s friendship and professionalism in helping
to lead this Chapter for the past two years. It gives me great comfort in knowing that the
Chapter is being passed on to a wonderful leadership team with Julie at the helm.

I want to thank the entire ASMP CT Chapter board for their support in keeping the CT chapter
thriving as we climb out of a difficult time for community based organizations. Through the
steadfast work of the entire board, we were able to continue programming on a satisfactory
level. I’d be lying if I said we had amazing programming throughout the past 2 years, but
considering the ever-changing pandemic concerns and drastic lifestyles shifts, I believe we
accomplished some incredible events and initiatives as a team.

We bolstered relationships with other creative organizations, learned from industry
professionals and role-model photographers, we celebrated and gained inspiration from each
other’s beautiful work, and we managed to gather socially. None of this would have been
possible without the ideas and volunteerism from the entire board.

Most recently, we met as a board for a full day retreat to voice ideas and visions for the future
of our small chapter, and I was blown away by what was shared. The ideas and visions are
anything but small, I can promise you that wonderful events are in store for all our members
and greater photography community in the years to come…. And our Board, captained by Julie,
is the right team to bring these ideas to fruition.

Once again,

Thank you to all of our board members for your willingness to give your time and energy to
serve this wonderful organization and community of professional photographers.

And thank you to all of our members for continuing to support ASMP CT.

We are smarter and stronger when we stand together as one community.

Adam Coppola