NFTs, what are they and why is everyone talking about them?

If you guessed Non-fungible token that is a part of the Ethereum Blockchain – then you guessed right!

ASMP CT is excited to assemble a panel of NFT pros and newbies to help us understand at a beginner’s level, why we should keep an eye on this emerging new approach to selling our art and servicing our clients. With so many new and existing companies investing time and resources in the crypto space, we want to help bring knowledge and share experiences around the possibilities that NFTs can bring.
With a mixture of background and experiences in NFTs we’re sure to have a great discussion, but be sure to bring your questions – we know we will.

We hope to see you on Zoom and look forward to connecting with our panelists.

Kellie Pcolar –
Tom Maddrey –
Justin McErlain:
Roula Seikaly:
Jordan Banks –

Thursday, Feb 10th, 7 – 9pm

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