ASMP CT 2022 Photo Annual – EXTENSION!

The groundhog saw his shadow…you have until Feb 14th to enter!

The Photo Annual is a curated book of the top 50 images that represent the best of the best in our chapter, as well as a SERIES category, in which THREE winners will be chosen. Images are chosen based on average scores by a minimum of three jurors. If your work is chosen by our panel it will be distributed to photo editors, art directors, designers and advertising agencies in our digital annual. This is an amazing opportunity to get your work in front of the people who hire photographers.

We’re very excited to confirm our 2022 Curators:

Karen Williams

Anna Dickson

Kat Dalager

You may submit up to 5 single images and/or 1 series . Creation date for your series entries can be any dates as long as it is ongoing/current. Images that have been previously selected for any photo annual in any category (general or series) are not eligible.

TO SUBMIT YOUR BEST WORK OF 2021 please go to event page link below

** You must purchase tickets before you can submit images via the links to the google docs. Info regarding file prep will be on the Google doc.

Photo by 2021 Annual winner Barry Hyman