Member Spotlight: Caryn B Davis

Tell us about yourself Caryn: how long have you been in business, where do you live, and what type of photography do you do?
I changed careers to photography in 2000. Prior to that, I worked in television as a documentary producer / writer. I live in Lyme and specialize in architecture, garden, travel and boat photography.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

When I was twenty, I picked up a book of Annie Leibovitz’s portraits from 1983. Of course I looked at the people, but I was more intrigued by the rooms they were placed in. I remember a photo of Linda Ronstadt lying across her bed. What captivated me were the objects on her nightstand, and the wallpaper she chose for her wall. I was looking for insight about who this person was, and the room gave me small clues. That was the beginning of me looking at spaces.

I have always been fascinated by the way people live and work in other countries, which has led to much traveling. And whenever I did, I found myself photographing structures. I wanted to understand what cultural, artistic and historical story these spaces told about the people who occupied them, and created them.

I came to garden photography organically as well, no pun intended. In England their gardens are more like a series of outdoor rooms. I loved the thrill of discovering what came next as I moved through these “rooms”. But gardens are simply beautiful, and who wouldn’t want to capture all that beauty?

In short, I respond to beauty and I just want to represent it. For me it comes in the form of gardens and structures. So I kept photographing things that moved me, and after a while I had a portfolio, and just kept going.

What personal projects are you working on?

I am learning a new technique called Long Exposure photography that involves taking long exposures while using a combination of 3, 6 and 10 stop neutral density filters. I am photographing architecture and landscapes in B&W and color.

What was the most exciting assignment you had recently?

My second commissioned photography book “Connecticut Waters: A Celebration of Our Coastline & Waterways”, was just published in March. It’s about how we use our waterways for industry, recreation and education and how it has shaped and defined our culture as a state. I really enjoy the creative process when it comes to producing a book which involves taking the images, deciding what the chapters will be, what subject matter will go into each chapter, image selection, layout, and more. This project was delayed a year because of covid so I am super exciting it has finally come to fruition.

Why is ASMP important to you?

ASMP is important resource for me when it comes to education, inspiration and networking with other photographers and creators. The breadth of what they offer always astounds me. They are top notch. And of course what they do to help protect our work from copyright infringement is invaluable.

What do you think are the secrets to a successful photography business? An enthusiasm for what you do, knowledge of craft, excellent customer service, attention to detail, a good eye and a sense of humor.

See more of Caryn’s work at @carynbdavis on Instagram