Learn About Our Sponsors – Yodelist

We’re excited to share our interview with Kayla Kayla Riveros, Customer Support Specialist at Yodelist. Yodelist is a long-time friend of ASMP, and for the last three years has been a proud sponsor of our Connecticut Chapter’s Photo Annual — thanks to Yodelist we are able to send our Photo Annual to the photo editors and art buyers who need your work. We’re thrilled to have them on board as an official chapter sponsor this year, and you’ll want to read on to learn all about the amazing services they offer.

Tell us a little about Yodelist.
Yodelist is a proven marketing platform that streamlines your marketing efforts for success! We offer a database with over 60,000 creative contacts, plus the most advanced emailing system in the industry with interactive HTML templates. Our efforts allow you to stay in front of the people you want to work with.

Although the name is new, the information comes with over 40 years of research experience in the field and a suite of features to help you save time.

How is Yodelist handling COVID?
Much like the rest of the creative community, we were all impacted by Covid. With the increase in digital promotion, Yodelist was eager to support our creative clients. We are hopeful that this year will be more productive and fruitful for us all. 

Are there any new and exciting products and services Yodelist is offering?
Currently, our primary products are our database and emailing services. However, we are looking to expand upon our current service list. Stay tuned, there should be great things on the horizon.

What makes Yodelist unique? What do you do that nobody else does (or better than anyone else)?
With over 40 years of research experience in the field, Yodelist is the premier database service. Our mission is to help artists grow their businesses.  Although our team may be smaller than that of our competitors, our customer service far exceeds. 

Why was Yodelist started?
Yodelist was birthed in 2013 with the goal to help artists more easily connect with creative buyers. Artists needed a more viable way to access information to share their creative talents and Yodelist wanted to help fill that need. We love working with our clients. We are so grateful to be surrounded with so many talented artists. 

What is the best piece of advice you have for photographers and videographers?
Consistency. Whether it be via email campaigns, social media, networking, a blog, etc, marketing requires consistent effort.

You can find out more about Yodelist by visiting them on their website: Yodelist.com.