Welcome 2021-2023 Chapter President, Adam Coppola

Dear CT ASMP members,

I am completely honored to accept the role of President of the CT ASMP Board of Directors for the term of 2021-2023.  Thank you so much to the Board for trusting me with the responsibility to continue carrying the torch forward.   

In taking this leadership role, I feel it is so important to acknowledge the leaders that I have been so fortunate to work alongside that have paved the way for continued success.  Jane Shauck, Rich Freeda, Carl Vernlund, and Allegra Anderson have been incredible leaders that have demonstrated how to successfully lead this chapter and represent our community of photographers.  The past two years it has been wonderful working under Allegra’s leadership.  She has gracefully carried our chapter through a difficult time and placed so much passion behind supporting our chapter members.

CT ASMP has been a guiding light in steering my photography business.  It is through ASMP guided education, collaboration, friendships, and conversations that I’ve gained an understanding of best business practices to make commercial photography a viable profession to support my family.  I believe that my clients are also the beneficiaries of the skills that I’ve learned through ASMP, and it is these skills that keeps them returning for projects year after year. 

The community of photographers that I’ve been fortunate to align myself with, through ASMP, has pushed me to represent this trade in a manner that benefits professional photographers across the state.  It is my belief, and hope, that all members of ASMP carry a responsibility to represent the profession in a manner that garners self-pride and community-respect, thus lifting all of us to achieve and succeed on a higher level than we thought was possible.

As President, alongside the incredible new board of directors (listed below), our plan is to continue to support our chapter through professional tools, guidance, educational events, and continued opportunities for creative community collaboration, thus making photography a sustainable, and successful career path.

Julie Bidwell – Vice President

Allegra Anderson – Past President

Barry Hyman – Logistics and Programs

Cameron Sterling – Social Media 

Carl Vernlund – Sponsorship and Programs

David Gunn – Advisory

Douglas Turney – Advisory

Lea Riveccio – Outreach

Rob Lisak – Treasurer

Stephen Wang – Membership

Steve Walter – Secretary

Learn more about our board here

A few initiatives I’d like to continue to foster and build upon past growth are as follows:

·      CT ASMP Photo Annual – Celebrate and share the creative work of our members among the greater creative community – We are continuing to evolve this effort to better serve our members

·      Increase diversity and inclusion among our chapter and our profession – through collaboration with diverse professionals our work will exponentially grow in impact and power

·      Increased collaboration with CT creative professional organizations like AIGA, CADC, and PPA, to allow us to grow together as a broad creative community

·      Increase membership among young professionals – Remove barriers to entry and invite the next generation of photographers into the fold – there is so much to learn from the younger creatives and so many ways that we can support them professionally

·      Challenge members to take advantage of ASMP programs, tools, and community – The time and financial investment in being involved with the ASMP community will undoubtedly yield returns in professional growth, friendships, and inspiration 

Thank you so much for your membership!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally or our chapter board of directors.



Adam Coppola

CT ASMP Chapter President


The future is bright for Photographers!