Like A Woman Screening and Q&A with Filmmaker and Director Gail Mooney

Celebrate Women’s History Month by joining ASMP Connecticut and ASMP New England for a virtual screening of Like A Woman, a documentary film telling the stories of women who have gone against the odds and pursued careers that had been off-limits to them only a short time ago. The screening will be followed by a Zoom Q&A with the filmmaker and director, Gail Mooney.

Like A Woman Film Description:

Everyday women around the world are doing jobs in professions that few women work in. This 52-minute documentary Like A Woman, by award-winning filmmaker Gail Mooney, tells the stories of ten remarkable women who are breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated professions. This film has inspired audiences at film festivals around the country and has recently completed a “grassroots tour” across the US, doing safe, socially distanced screenings under the stars.

Some women who appear in the film:

  • Taylor Laverty, Good Year blimp pilot
  • Judaline Cassidy, Plumber and founder of Tools & Tiaras
  • Simona De Silvestro, Racecar Driver
  • Patrice Banks, Auto Mechanic and Entrepreneur
  • Barbara Van Cleve, Fine Art Photographer/Rancher
  • Olivia Sebesky – Video Designer for Live Entertainment

About the Filmmaker:

Gail Mooney is an award-winning filmmaker whose previous work includes Opening Our Eyes. As a female photographer, Mooney has spent a lifetime working in a male-dominated profession. While things have improved for women in the U.S. workforce change has been slow and we still have a way to go in terms of equal pay and opportunities. She has found the best way to create change is to show the change she wants to happen — in this case, Like A Woman. Her goal is to inspire young girls and empower women to pursue the career of their dreams. She wants to tell them anything is possible.