Learn About Our Sponsors – Still River Editions

Our sponsors give our chapter the means to put on wonderful events like the Photo Annual, Portfolio Review, along with numerous monthly lectures. However, that is not all they do for our members.  Our sponsors also provide unique services that our members can use to improve our own individual businesses.  By featuring our sponsors we hope to encourage our members to support our sponsors. We’re excited to share our interview with Mark Savoia, co-owner at Still River Editions.

Tell us a little about you and your business: what is it, what is your role, what services or goods do you provide, where are you located, and how long have you been in business?

I am a fine-art photographer, master digital giclée printmaker, and co-owner of Still River Editions along with my wife, Catherine Vanaria, who is a fine art photographer, master black and white printer, and Associate Professor of Photography and Chair of the Art Department at Western Connecticut State University. We have one employee, Lys Guillorn, who has been with us for twenty-two years as a photographic printmaker, fine art imaging associate, and gallery director.

Still River Editions is a digital fine art reproduction and digital photographic printing company that we founded in 1987 under the name Connecticut Photographics. Our facility is located in a historic hat factory in Danbury, CT next to the Still River.

We offer digital scanning of film, photographs, artwork, digital photo restoration, and digital printing on fine art papers, photographic papers, and canvas. We are a Hahnemühle Certified printing studio. We also have a gallery that offers quarterly exhibitions that has featured both local and national artists. 

© Cam Gould and Luciana McClure

Why is ASMP important to you? How did you first become involved?

ASMP is one of the better groups supporting the industry with up-to-date information, advice, and networking. I have been a member for many years. We’ve partnered with CTASMP to have a couple of exhibitions in our gallery to showcase unique themes and the high quality work of members. 

How is your business handling COVID?

Although we were closed to the public for two months in 2020, we were lucky to be able to reopen our doors to the public in May, like many CT retail and service businesses. We’re following all of the updates to Connecticut and CDC guidelines, and rolling with things as they come. It is a privilege to be able to help artists and photographers make their work during this uncertain time. 

Are there any new and exciting products and services you are offering?

We recently acquired a Cruse scanner. It is a large-format, precision flatbed scanner for capturing photos and artwork up to 60”x72” and a depth of up to 6”. The artwork moves on a bed underneath a camera which captures the image. 

What makes your business unique? What do you do that nobody else does (or better than anyone else)?

Still River Editions is a small shop, just three of us, so we focus on keeping a responsive, one-on-one relationship with our customers. We are always happy to help our customers understand how to get the best prints out of their work. We are one of the very few art reproduction and fine art printers in CT, and we care about the entire process. 

What trends do you see happening in your industry?

One trend we’re seeing is paper suppliers like Hahnemühle are creating some sustainable paper options like Bamboo, which we offer as part of our paper line. 

Our field is always changing. How have you stayed current with the times and needs of photographers and videographers?

I’ve always attended trade shows and read magazines to keep on top of things, and we maintain the latest printers and software available. We offered digital fine art prints before many other labs were doing so, because it was something we were interested in as artists, and we kept increasing the digital side of our business as our clients shifted their practices. Last year we finally closed up our darkrooms, which was sad, but it has always been our goal to shift with the industry. 

Why did you / the owners decide to start your business?

Cathy and I had a photographic business in Boston in the mid-1980s. We did some research and found that there was a need for a professional lab in Connecticut, so we moved and founded Connecticut Photographics as a full service photo lab in 1987, serving the Danbury, Connecticut area as well as our past customers, from our previous business. We really enjoy being on this end of the photographic industry. 

What is the best piece of advice you have for photographers and videographers?

Keep educating your eye by looking at as much excellent photography and videography as possible, both artistic and commercial. And make some creative work just because it pleases you.

You can find out more about Still River Editions on their website: https://stillrivereditions.com.