Meet Your Fellow Board Member — Adam Coppola

The following article was written by board member Doug Turney, Newsletter and Communications chair.

I first met Adam Coppola several years ago when I was starting my photography business.  I had just heard about ASMP, and looked up the Connecticut chapter online where I found Adam’s contact information.  I believe Adam was either the membership or events chairman at the time so I reached out to Adam to learn more about ASMP CT.  Adam was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to meet me for coffee and explain why ASMP CT was an organization worth joining.  I joined that afternoon.

Like most of ASMP CT’s members, Adam came to photography through a unique path.  During his graduate program for school counseling, Adam began shooting professionally as a photojournalist.  Once he was certified as a school counselor, Adam decided that perhaps the photography path may be worth pursuing and now 12 years later it seems to have been a wise decision.  Though that counseling education was not wasted, as Adam says “I think I use counseling in photography every day!”.

Perhaps Adam’s counseling background is why his work typically focuses on people. “I consider myself a people person.  I love working with people.  I like to meet people, talk with people, learn about people’s unique talents, and photograph people.”  From participating on the ASMP CT board for the last year I can personally vouch for Adam being a people person.  Adam is now serving his first year as the chapter’s Vice-President where he is constantly thinking of ways the chapter can assist and benefit its members.  Adam has routinely offered the use of his beautiful studio located in Killingworth for ASMP CT chapter events.

I think one of the best ways to learn about another photographer is to view their work and thus the reason I ask each member to provide images for this feature.  Adam says that he is trying to develop concept-driven work.  “I want to be involved with more advertising projects that are creatively planned out and pushing the limits to what can be visually conveyed through lighting and creative conceptual thinking.”  

ASMP has played a huge role in Adam’s professional growth as a photographer.  “I’ve gained a tribe of mentors. friends. and colleagues that I can celebrate and sympathize with, as well as, call on to guide me through professional best practice challenges.”  As Vice President of the CT chapter Adam continues to not only pay back but to pay forward the benefits of the ASMP CT chapter.  Adam is actively working on the chapter’s Photo Annual, Portfolio Review, and the chapter’s involvement in the ASMP Strictly Business Conference in Providence in April 2020.

cement wall and floor with shadow for design.

More about Adam and his work can be found at COPPOLAPHOTOGRAPHY.