Learn About Our Sponsors – One Ten Studio

The ASMP CT newsletter and website are changing for the better and we are incorporating the second of two new features with the inclusion of  “Learn About Our Sponsors.” Just like our earlier new feature “Meet Your Fellow Member”, “Learn About Our Sponsors” will be a monthly feature that will highlight one of our sponsors around the middle of each month.  

Our sponsors give our chapter the means to put on wonderful events like the Photo Annual, Portfolio Review, along with numerous monthly lectures. However, that is not all they do for our members.  Our sponsors also provide unique services that our members can use to improve our own individual businesses.  By featuring our sponsors we hope to encourage our members to support our sponsors.

Our first sponsor to be featured in “Learn About Our Sponsors” is One Ten Studio. The sponsorship is especially appreciated as One Ten Studio is owned by our own ASMP CT member Derek Dudek. 

Our board member Doug Turney had the opportunity to visit One Ten Studio located in Middletown, CT when he interviewed Derek for this article he was given a grand tour of his very impressive studio which not only features a sizeable cyc wall that can easily accommodate automobiles. The studio also has two full editing suites, a voice-over studio, green room, full kitchen, and many other well-thought-out features to make a shoot a little easier on everyone. Add in a well-stocked complement of lighting, grip, and cameras One Ten Studio provides a turnkey resource for any photographer or videographer looking for studio space for those assignments that may be larger than their own studio can support.

One Ten Studio did not start off with the intention of being a facility that can be rented.  In fact about five years ago when Derek started to renovate the building, One Ten Studio wasn’t even a thought.  As Derek told me “This building originally started out being renovated as space for me to work out of, but it became obvious that there was a need for a rental studio.”  So with the obvious need for a rental studio, One Ten Studio came to life.

One Ten Studio is not simply a studio location that can be rented.  As mentioned earlier the facility has a large assortment of grip, lighting, and camera hardware that can also be rented.  Cameras include Canon EOS packages, Hasselblad with Phase One, and Red Epic to name a few.  Lighting is well supported with both continuous and strobes with brands like Profoto, Elinchrom, and Altman Tungsten.  As Derek showed me around the studio I noticed there was every type of grip equipment that I could imagine and in quantities that could support a small army.  

Need this equipment at a location other than One Ten Studio for your assignment?  Well, Derek can help here too with his well-stocked Sprinter van that can transport this equipment to your production location.  The van can be outfitted with various lighting and grip configurations to meet the on-site requirements of the renter.

The day I met Derek he was working in the studio preparing for an upcoming shoot involving a functioning shower.  As I left that day I realized that One Ten Studio is a unique asset to the Connecticut photography and video industry and also to our ASMP members.

More about One Ten Studio can be found at One Ten Studio.