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ASMP — American Society of Media Photographers

Lunch and Learn: Digital Copyright, Infringement and Fair Use

Image: AIC

Friday June 25 @ 1pmET

On June 25 at 1 pm ET, the American Influencer Council (AIC) and the Copyright Alliance, will present a virtual workshop on how copyright supports innovation, creates financial protections and amplifies public access to creator content.

Join artists Blair Breitenstein and Katie Rodgers, co-chairs of the AIC Art & Culture committee, Kendra Dandy, multimedia artist and an AIC Founding Member, special guest Meredith Wing, a NYC-based illustrator and Kevin Madigan, Copyright Alliance’s VP of Legal Policy and Copyright Counsel for an in-depth discussion on:

  • What makes a piece of work “copyrightable”
  • What to do if another artist is copying your art for profit
  • How to respond if a brand outside the U.S. has repurposed your work without permission

And more!


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Featured image: Rachel Claire

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