Using Form VA

You will need to request Form VA and, optionally, the Continuation form, Form CON. (See this note regarding the choice to use the Continuation Forms or not.)

Step by Step Instructions for Form VA

Section 1
  • The Title should be something like “Published photos of Joe Photo, Volume 1 from 2003.”
  • Nature of Works: Photographs
  • Previous or Alternate Title: Group registration of 250 published photos
Section 2
  • Author: Fill in your full name and the year you were born.
  • If this isn’t a work for hire, check No
  • Fill in your nationality and check No in the Anonymous and Pseudonymous boxes (usually).
  • Check Photograph
Section 3a

Give the calendar year in which you completed the most recent photograph you are registering at this time.

If in doubt, read our instructions for determining when something has been published.

If all images were published on the same date: give the date of publication (month, day, and year) and the nation where publication first took place. In this case, you may complete a Form CON to list the individual titles in the group and to describe each photograph, but you do not have to give the publication date either on the continuation sheet or on the deposited images.

If all images were published on different dates within the same calendar year: you must give the range of publication dates in space 3B (for example: January 1 – December 31, 2003) and also give the individual publication date of each photo, either as a separate entry on Form CON or on each image deposited.

Section 4

Put your name and address here. Leave Transfer blank.

Section 5

Check No if this is the first registration for these images.

Section 7b

Put your name, address, phone, fax and E-mail address here.

Section 8 & 9

Check to confirm that you are the author. Fill out your name below and include your mailing address. Sign the form by hand.

Since you are doing a group registration of published photos, you may wish to obtain Form CON. Read the instructions for the form and also see this note regarding the choice to use the Continuation Forms or not.

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