Registered Published Images

A single published image, or a group of images from one unit of publication

When registering a single published image or a group of images published in the same unit of publication, use Form CO or the online eCO. Either method requires you to submit two copies of the published work. Submit originals or copies — color copies if published in color, black-and-white copies if published in black-and-white. You may scan or copy the original publication.

Group of published images from various publications

If the images were published in various units of publication, but in the same calendar year, you can register these images in one group registration. Use Form VA for this type of registration.

The requirements for registering published images as a group are:

  1. All the photographs are by the same photographer, whether the author
    is an individual or an employer for hire.
  2. All the photographs were first published in the same calendar year.
  3. All the photographs have the same copyright claimant(s).

If you are registering a group of published images, you do not need tear sheets or whole-page copies. Instead, you only need one copy of each image. We recommend a jpeg thumbnail that is approximately 600 pixels x 600 pixels. The key is that the image must be recognizable. For example, an intricate landscape image might need a larger file size than a traditional portrait.

Important note from the Copyright Office

“For a photograph published before March 1, 1989, the copy of the photograph must show the photograph as it was first published. This copy must show the copyright notice, if any, that appeared on, or in connection with, the photographic work. This is necessary because the copyright law in effect from January 1, 1978 through February 28, 1989 required that a work be published with a copyright notice identifying the owner of the copyright and the year of first publication of the work.”

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