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Five Questions with Photographer Elli Morris

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Editor’s Note: Interview with ASMP Central Virginia Chapter Leader, Elli Morris, was recently posted in Copyright Alliance’s blog.

After dabbling in photography for years, Elli decided she wanted to step up her game and become a professional photographer and make a living at it. “The idea of working with clients was definitely inspiring and exciting,” she said.

This week we would like you to meet Elli Morris.

1. Can you take us through your process? How long does it take? Does everything you produce make money?
My first step is self evaluation: what work matters to me at this point in my career? Knowing that, I look for clients who fit my core values. I market to them by promoting my values, dishing out tidbits of knowledge on social media or sharing work that depicts ways to help and heal. When I connect with a new client, there’s the process of discovering what they need and how I can help. That can be one meeting, lots of emails, or numerous phone calls but most often it’s all of the above over a time period of a couple weeks. Other clients meet months before they are ready to begin work. Sometimes clients only need my services every two years. NO, absolutely NO, not everything produces money! I have a social responsibility department within my business which directly and without payback addresses issues that matter to my heart. Those projects range from short films to year-long daily postings on Twitter. Do those sometimes lead to paid work? Heck yeah! Money is not my motivation for those projects but it’s the best when they naturally evolve into paid projects.

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