Copyright Alliance Joins the AIC Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) Network

by | May 11, 2021 | Copyright Alliance, Strictly Business Blog

The Copyright Alliance, a nonprofit organization representing the unified voice of the copyright community including ASMP, and the American Influencer Council (AIC) – are both committed to protecting the copyrights of creators. Social media is all about sharing content, and it’s vital to share without infringing on the copyright and IP of a creator’s work.

“Presently, grassroots organizing is how we make a meaningful impact in the creator community,” says AIC Founder Qianna Smith Bruneteau. “We started a conversation with the Copyright Alliance through a tweet calling on leading copyright organizations to join forces to increase IP education for creators. I’m so pleased they immediately answered our call.” The Copyright Alliance and the AIC share many of the same goals:

​1. Helping creators understand their digital media rights

2. Igniting conversations with brands and consumers, so they understand fair use and why creator copyright matters

The AIC Art and Culture Committee, co-chaired by Blair Breitenstein and Katie Rodgers, will collaborate with the Copyright Alliance on workshops and drive awareness for legislative policies that impact creators. “Encouraging creators to understand how to protect their copyright and IP is part of the AIC Art and Culture Committee agenda. Copyright supports innovation, provides financial protections, and allows the public to access our work,” adds Breitenstein.

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