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Call to Action: Copyright Registration Rulemaking


In response to a call from the U.S. Copyright Office regarding proposed changes to the rules about group registrations, the Copyright Alliance is soliciting comments from members of their affiliated organizations, including ASMP.  I think it is crucial to respond with your thoughts.  While the changes appear to be aimed at written works, I think we need to ensure that such limits aren’t imposed on group registrations of photographs.  This could also be an opportunity to advocate for an annual subscription fee for group registration, with tiered pricing based on the volume of submissions by an individual photographer. 

I encourage you to make your voices heard within the Copyright Alliance request below for submissions by meeting the deadline with your comments.

Thomas R. Kennedy
Executive Director


INPUT WANTED: Copyright Office proposal to limit number of unpublished works included on a single registration application.

On October 12, the Copyright Office issued a notice of proposed rulemaking addressing group registration of unpublished works. Copyright owners can currently register an unlimited number of unpublished works on a single application, but the proposed rule would limit group registrations to a total of five works per application. The Copyright Alliance is considering filing a comment in response to the proposed rule and wants to hear from our individual creator members—particularly those who currently register groups of unpublished works–about what effect the proposed rule would have on their copyright registration practices. Please submit your input here by COB on Wednesday, November 8.


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