Best of ASMP 2018 Photo Contest Winners

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Best of 2018, Contests

Dear ASMP Members,

I’m delighted to announce the winners of the BEST of ASMP 2018 Photo Contest! This group of winners is a representation of the diversity of talent found in our membership. Stay tuned for special profiles of our winners in the coming weeks. Click on any photo to view a larger version and/or start a slideshow.

Special thanks to our judges Gregory Heisler, Nancy Andrews, and Brian Storm for taking on this tough task. You can find more details about our judges on our Best of ASMP 2018 Contest Details page.

We look forward to your continued participation in our 2019 contests: ASMP Style, ASMP Spaces, ASMP Faces and Best of ASMP 2019!

Congratulations all!

Tom Kennedy
Executive Director



First Place
By Teri Campbell


First Place
“All Hands”
By Erica Price

Self Promotion / Personal

First Place
“Choi Hung Estate”
By Eric Mueller

Series of Images

First Place
By Kiliii Yuyan

Second Place – “Remy Bumppo Theatre’s ‘Frankenstein’ | 2018 Season” by Joe Mazza

Third Place – “Detroit’s Wisest Generation” by Janice Milhem

Honorable Mention – “Essentia Water Social Media Campaign” by Patrick Bennett

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