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Best of 2017 Winner – Steve Greer

By December 31, 2017Best of 2017

“Triathlete Exiting the Water”

Third Place – Self Promotion / Personal

© Steve Greer

© Steve Greer

“It’s always a little sketchy working with battery powered strobes over water,” Greer said about the photo. “And because the athlete was also splashing, extra precautions were taken to protect the gear, and the assistants standing in the water, yikes!”

ASMP: How long have you been shooting this type of photography?

Steve Greer: I specialize in photographing Active Seniors for Pharma, but every once in a while I have a hankering to experiment with Conceptual Sports.

ASMP: What kind of gear do you use?

SG: I use Canon gear.

ASMP: What other photographers’ or artists’ work inspires you?

SG: I was blown away when I discovered Joel Grimes and Tim Tadder. Both are visionaries, and for years they have set the pace for innovative commercial photography. These guys inspired me to take on the toughest assignments and never give up.

ASMP: What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started taking photos?

SG: I wish I had gone to Business School when I decided to become a photographer.

ASMP: When did you join ASMP and what do you find most valuable about your membership?

SG: I joined ASMP in October, 2010, to provide another vehicle for photo buyers to find me.

ASMP: What is the more important relationship you’ve formed through your ASMP membership?

SG: The chapter portfolio reviews and conferences are essential to any creative trying to be viable in today’s market. The networking and mentoring I’ve received is invaluable. And it’s just plain fun to hang out with these folks, smile.

ASMP: Tell us something unique or unusual about you or your work.

SG: The first time I made a photo, I realized the laws of physics don’t apply to me…

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