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Best of 2015 Honoree: Lynn Fyffe

By June 26, 2016 October 26th, 2016 Best of 2015
Los Angeles

Lynn Fyffe began photographing beverages in 2011. Her work centers on strong concepts, and her images often play upon clever visual puns. In her imagery, light and dark beers seesaw, extra dry sake takes a spin in the dryer and a limoncello is sliced open to reveal a lemon pulp interior.

© Lynn Fyffe

© Lynn Fyffe

“Photography is all about telling a story,” Fyffe says. “I want to express myself through an imagined world.” Of her process, she says, “When I’m developing a concept, I loop around the local beverage houses, I walk around antique markets and I observe the paintings in galleries. The inspiration comes from every corner on a daily life basis.”

ASMP: How long have you been in business, and what are your photographic specialties?

Lynn Fyffe: I started my photography journey in 2011. Before that, I’d been working in the computer graphics industry, and I hold a master’s degree in computer science. I’m a Los Angeles-based commercial photographer specializing in beverages.

ASMP: Your commercial beverage and liquor shoots often have smart, humorous concepts behind them. How do you develop your ideas?

LF: Photography is about telling a story. I want to express myself through an imagined world. To be unique is to be myself. When I’m developing a concept, I loop around the local beverage houses, I walk around antique markets and I observe the paintings in galleries. The inspiration comes from every corner on a daily basis. Sometimes the concept just hits you and you’ve got to jot it down on a piece of paper and then refine it later.

Glass and reflective liquids are pleasing to the eyes and they’re some of my favorite subjects to shoot. The world is full of sorrow and sad news, but photography offers me an opportunity to escape into a dreamland where I can express the joy and happiness that is the root of life.

ASMP: During a beverage shoot, what equipment do you consider indispensable?

LF: Everything is important throughout the photo crafting process: the initial concept design and preparation, the day of shooting and the post-processing. Lighting is very important, and sometimes even a piece of reflective paper is indispensable for the desired result. Another thing that truly matters is the photographer’s eye; this guarantees that the vision is carried out precisely. And of course, sometimes you get happy surprises by experimenting.

ASMP: What has been the most successful promotional technique you have used to connect with new clients?

LF: I’m still new in the photography business, but have tried email campaigns, postcard mailing, portfolio reviewing, gallery showing and competitions. I have found that the most effective way is to talk with people in person. Some connections seem to work out after several years. Keep shooting personal projects and keep working.

ASMP: What is your favorite project or assignment you’ve shot?

LF: I have loved and enjoyed many of them. After each project, there is always another dream project to work on next.

ASMP: How long have you been an ASMP member? What initially prompted you to join?

LF: I joined ASMP in spring of 2013 after attending an ASMP seminar. The information is so helpful and people from ASMP are really nice. I immediately started to follow ASMP and I’m hoping more ASMP meetings will be held in Los Angeles.

ASMP: What has made you stay an ASMP member?

LF: The information, the nice people, the inspiration, the magazine and the environment of upbeat professionals working in the industry I’m diving into. I appreciate the opportunity I get to promote my work and reach a broad audience through ASMP’s platform.

ASMP: Have you won any other awards for your work?

LF: I’m very lucky to have won several awards since I started. These are some of the awards and recognitions I have received: APA LA Off The Clock Exhibition 2015 chosen artist curated by Melvin Sokolsky, IPA honorable mention 2014 Sunset non-professional, Minted X West Elm’s 3rd Art Challenge Jury’s pick and Editor’s picks, One Eyeland Photography Awards 2014 Professional Finalist top 5 percent, President’s Award: Best of Color, 35th annual SMC student show 2014 and the PX3 2015 9th Annual Competition Silver and Bronze in the non-professional Advertising Product category.

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