ASMP Style 2019 Photo Contest Winners

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Contests, Style 2019

Dear ASMP Members,

I’m delighted to announce the winners of the ASMP STYLE 2018 Photo Contest! Stay tuned for special profiles of our winners in the coming weeks. Click on any photo to view a larger version and/or start a slideshow. Please note that this is the first contest that we allowed video submissions and you can view the winners at the bottom of this page.

Special thanks to our judges Marvin Joseph, Deirdre Read, and Jenna Greene for taking on this tough task. You can find more information about our judges on our ASMP Style Details page.

We look forward to your continued participation in our 2019 contests.

Congratulations to all!

Tom Kennedy
Executive Director
American Society of Media Photographers


First Place
By Jacob Howe


First Place
“El Malecon – 1”
By Richard Gerst

Self Promotion / Personal

First Place
“Edge of Seventeen”
By Angela So

Series of Images

First Place
“Writer’s Block”
By Justin Chen

Second Place – “See the Music, Hear the Dance” by Edyta Kielian

Third Place – “Ophelia” by Lauren Rosenstock


First Place
“Enchanted Greenhouse”
By Teri Campbell


Second Place – “Urban Diet” By Richard Gerst

Third Place – “Fashion – BTS” By Anthony Bianciella

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