Step Forward and Take a Chapter Office or Coordinator Role

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Recently, ASMP National said of the Colorado Chapter, “Your chapter is doing great things. I wish we could clone you for other chapters to use!” The vigor with which Colorado chapter members engage means that we are the fifth largest ASMP chapter in the nation, behind only New York, L.A., Boston and San Francisco!
Our chapter has a dedicated, energized board and we want to carry its momentum forward next year. This means infusing the leadership with some fresh faces and continuing energy. Later this year we will elect a president, vice-president and secretary/treasurer. And some of our other board members will leave or take on other positions; what is your interest? 
· President? VP? Treasurer?
· Event Coordinator (Brews & Business, workshops)? 
· Education Liaison?
· Newsletter?

You get out of ASMP Colorado only what you put into it. So hop aboard and help steer this great organization. Come to a board meeting or two and see the great work that goes on behind the scene; and consider stepping forward to help by taking on an office or coordinator role.

Board meeting dates and locations (they vary) are listed on Upcoming Events. If you would like more information you are welcome to reach out to our Chapter President, Paul Weinrauch, @