Meet our New 2021 Board Members

Meet our new 2021 board members: Bill Baum, Flor Blake, Greg Smith, Paul Gomez and Bear Gutierrez. Welcome to the board! We are so happy to have you. Interested in being part of this amazing team of photographers, sharing your ideas and helping out? Contact us!

Bill Baum

Bill Baum – My interest in serving on the board has developed over the last year as I’ve become more involved in the events and opportunities provided by ASMP and ASMP Colorado. I’d like to contribute to ASMP Colorado’s efforts to expand our membership, create more educational opportunities and broaden our impact on photographers in and around Colorado. 

I have a varied background in photography from newspaper and advertising in the late 70’s early 80’s to sports, event, commercial, architecture, and portraits. In the early 80’s I managed the special events programs and did marketing for Eastman Kodak (both professional & consumer markets) and then Pentax cameras. Indy car, Formula One, IMSA racing, America’s Cup, Equestrian, pretty much the sports outside of mainstream NFL, NBA & MLB. Then a 17-year career as an alpine ski coach put my photo career on hold. 

Since the early 2000’s I’ve been involved in sports, event and marketing photography for the United States Olympic Committee, various National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) for sports and recently the United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum. I’ve mentored photographers in the U.S. and Europe and have broad exposure to cultures and issues from travel and work in South America, Asia and Europe. Thank you for your consideration.

Flor Blake

Flor Blake grew up in the Caribbean (the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico) where you are automatically surrounded by color, rawness, vivacity and “flavor”, all of these elements greatly influence her work.  With a Fashion Designer as a mom, Flor grew up among fabrics, patterns, and sketches, she even stitched her fingers a couple of times when playing in her mom’s workroom.  All of this helped shape her aesthetic and gave her a great understanding of how design and the creative process in general works.

Her professional background includes all aspects of theater, documentary coordination, video production and editing, and a degree in Advertising from the University of Puerto Rico.

She loves traveling (even if it’s across the street), eating delicious food, and celebrating people’s birthdays.

Flor is based in Denver, Colorado where she lives with her wife Ileanexis and their three plants.

Greg Smith

Greg Smith – I have been a professional photographer, editor, writer and producer for more than 40 years, with a BSJ and MA in Visual Communication from Ohio University, and additional training at The Poynter Institute, the NPPA News Video Workshop, the Platypus Workshop and seminars through ASMP and others. You can learn and see more at

I served four or five years as a board member of ASMP/South Carolina, five years on the NPPA national board and several years on the Executive Board of the Authors Coalition of America. I’ve also been a community volunteer and serve on the board of Round Mountain Water and Sanitation District, as well as working on recreation, tourism, community planning, conservation and other issues. I was deeply involved in opposing and trying to redirect the Orphan Works bills in 2007 and other copyright issues. I hold NPPA’s second-highest honor, the Joseph Costa Award. I was author of the widely cited NPPA Cost of Doing Business Calculator; key editor of the UPDIG(.org) workflow information that underpins ASMP’s DPBestFlow project; and an editor and event planner for the Photo Metadata(.org) Project, sponsored by the Library of Congress. I hold a leadership award from the United Nation’s International Photographic Council. My “Keeping the May River Wild” won a Best of ASMP award in 2009, when it screened at five film festivals, also winning a Southern Lens Award from SCETV. I’m also co-author of Gullah Home Cooking the Daufuskie Way, 2003, University of North Carolina Press.

I’m well connected nationally with top photographers and industry leaders, including former national ASMP leaders Gene Mopsik and Tom Kennedy, and more than a few Pulitzer, Pictures of the Year and Best of Photojournalism winners. I’ve been a preliminary BOP judge for a couple stills categories and for documentary video categories. Working for Kodak in the early ’90s, I interviewed POY winners, including Michael Williamson, Anthony Suau and Larry Towell. Those in South Carolina (and former national President Todd Joyce) will confirm I throw a bad-assed oyster roast – should we ever find a way to get some bushels of fresh bivalves (not the similarly named snacks that involve cattle). I’m also well acquainted with former ASMP national presidents Judy Herrmann, Ed McDonald, Gail Mooney, Clem Spaulding, Jim Cavannaugh, Richard Kelly and Shawn Henry. I suspect they’ll still return my calls.

I’m eager to help our chapter as I might, including reaching out beyond the Front Range to talented folks spread through our mountains and valleys – even out on the prairie. As an experienced educator and event planner, I would love to contribute to arranging, possibly presenting at, ASMP/Colorado events. I have particularly strong backgrounds in copyright, business practices and digital workflow. The logistics of living in Westcliffe – including the reconstruction of I-25 on Monument Hill – have made it hard for me to participate in ASMP/Colorado events. But that paving will finally end in the next year or so, we’re now all used to virtual participation, and I think I have much to contribute, both in person and across cables and radio waves.

Bear Gutierrez
Bear Gutierrez

Barry “Bear”Gutierrez – has 30 years in photography, a B.A. in Photojournalism (Western Kentucky University). Part of the 2003 Pulitzer Prize team at the Rocky Mountain News.

ASMP-Colorado has been a great way to connect, grow and be inspired as a working photographer. With my background in photojournalism and having to transition into the commercial world the ASMP has helped me make the pivot. I only wish I would have gotten involved earlier. The ASMP on a National level continues to fight for our rights as photographers and on the local level continues to bring camaraderie to an otherwise lonely profession. A place where we can, connect, help, inspire and encourage one another.

Paul Gomez

Paul Gomez – I have been a professional commercial photographer for more than 10 years and ASMP has been a good resource for me during my education and career. When Paul Trantow asked if I was interested in joining the Board, I was excited for the opportunity to help, support and give back to my colleagues and the photography industry as a whole.