Letter from our new ASMP Colorado President: Katie Warnke

ASMP Colorado 75th Anniversary logo
Katie Warnke headshot

I’m pleased and honored to step into the role of president as we celebrate ASMP’s 75th Anniversary as the premier trade association for professional photographers. I’m thankful to the outgoing president, Paul Weinrauch, who has brought our chapter to the vibrant and active space we are in today, and will build upon this foundation. 

ASMP’s core mission is to advocate, educate and provide community for image makers, to promote thriving careers and a strong sense of professional ethics. As president, I plan to live by these values and foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all photographers, meaning every race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality, ability and religion. 

I first discovered ASMP Colorado through the monthly coffee meetup open to both members and non-members. ASMP plugged me into an amazing community of photographers when I first moved to Colorado. I joined the organization in 2014, and the board in 2017. Since then, I’ve formed wonderful friendships and business relationships, learned so much about the industry, referred and received jobs, assisted other photographers and even started teaching aspiring photographers how to start their own business. ASMP members have been my single biggest source for photography jobs. 

The board has grown since 2017, to almost 20 amazing volunteer members, with great ideas continually emerging. This strong presence will help us continue to be an active chapter and bring you the quality programs, speakers, workshops, contests and monthly events that you’ve come to appreciate. 

I’m excited to lead this chapter into 2020, and for the next two years. I’d like us to all work together: board, members, other photography organizations and local creatives to help each other learn and thrive in our industry. 

If you’d like to get more involved in our chapter you can attend our events, participate in contests, volunteer and/or attend our board meetings. Please reach out to us through the Contact page of our website. We’d love to get to know you and hear your ideas. See you in 2020! 

Katie Warnke

Above image: ©GreenEarth Photography