Joint Event with CPAC – A talk on photography and business. Changing your photographic career path.

Photovox Denver

For the Month of June, Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) and ASMP Colorado have teamed up to present a talk on photography and business.

What is PhotoVox? Think of it as part critique group, part classroom and part networking opportunity designed to help you strengthen your artistic voice with the support of other artists in the Denver Metro community.

PhotoVox is ideal for photographers who are interested in learning more about different aspects of the industry.

Are you a wedding photographer who dreams of switching to sports photography? A fine art photographer transitioning to real estate photography? CPAC’s June 12, PhotoVox event is ideal for those interested in changing their photographic career path. Gain expert insights from our speaker, Katie Warnke, headshot and portrait photographer, owner of GreenEarth Photography, co-founder of Brand Up Images, and board member at the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP Colorado).  We’ll discuss what it takes to make a successful transition and challenges you may face along the way. We’ll also cover long-term strategies and the logistics of changing your business model. This event gives you a chance to start a dialogue with someone who has experienced the pros and cons — before you make your own change.

ASMP members please email for coupon code to register at! Registration is required.